SBC Worship Experience

Shiloh’s Worship Experience ministries are designed to create and cultivate an atmosphere of Kingdom excellence on the campus of Shiloh before, during, and after our Divine worship services and activities.

These ministries and their ministry leadership, staff, and teams are vital to the health and spiritual success of Shiloh’s Divine worship experience.

Audio/Visual/Sound/Technology and Bookstore
To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of technology, social media, and
visual aids.

Creative Arts Ministry
To engage the Holy Spirit during the Worship Experience through artistic expression of
mime, dance, spoken word, drama, rap, and other forms of artistic expression.
Dance Ministry – Wednesday (Sanctuary)
Drama Ministry – Wednesday (Asher Room)
Spoken Word – Wednesday
Mime Ministry – Wednesday (Fellowship Hall)
Meeting Date/Time: Wednesday at 7pm in the Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall

Decorations Ministry
To provide decorative services throughout the Shiloh campus that coincides with the overall vision and mission of Shiloh while supporting the various scheduled themes, seasons, events, and activities.
Meeting Date/Times: TBD

Greeters' Ministry
Objective: To greet and welcome those who enter to worship.
Meeting Dates/Times: T.B.A.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry
The Mountain Movers seeks to petition the move of God’s Spirit on behalf of the church, the congregation, the community, and our country.
Meeting Date/Time: Wednesday at 6:30am

Music Ministry
The Shiloh Music Ministry aims to create an atmosphere of praise and worship by initially inviting the Holy Spirit in the Worship Experience.

Fellowship Choir – Wednesdays before 1st Sunday
Sanctuary Choir – Wednesdays before 2nd Sunday
Male Chorus – Wednesdays before 3rd Sunday
Youth Choir – Wednesdays before 4th Sunday
Praise Team – Wednesdays at 8pm

Meeting Date/Time: Wednesday at 7pm in the Judah Room

Parking Ministry
To provide assistance with members parking their vehicles around the campus of Shiloh.
Meeting Dates/Times: TBD

Saints on Security
To provide security to members as well as the church building.
Meeting Dates/Times: TBD

Combined Usher Ministries
To serve God, Pastor, and people with dignity and respect

Junior/Youth Ushers – Lead Servant, TBD
Male Ushers – Lead Servant, TBD
Female Ushers – Lead Servant, TBD
Senior Ushers – Lead Servant, TBD
Meeting Dates/Times: 1st Monday at 6:00PM