Shiloh’s Discipleship Ministries are designed to assist Shiloh members in cultivating their personal relationship with Christ and connecting with God’s Kingdom through preaching, teaching, and reaching. These ministries are designed to connect the Shiloh membership with Jesus Christ through Discipleship.

This ministry and their ministry leadership, staff, and team are vital to the health and success of Shiloh’s continued spiritual growth and development in the pursuit of the spirit of excellence and the advancing God’s Kingdom on earth.

Altar Ministry
The Altar Ministry assists new members who have joined Shiloh Baptist Church in accepting Christ as their personal Lord Savior and becoming a part of God’s Kingdom.
Meeting Dates/Times: Sunday’s at 9:45am

Christian Education
The Christian Education Ministry teaches Biblical truths to the Shiloh membership and equip them for effective daily living and service in the Kingdom of God. Teachers, staff writers, critics, and other administrative personnel work together to develop a ministry that makes disciples for Jesus Christ.
Meeting Dates/Times: Sunday at 8:45am

Couples Ministry
The Couples Ministry reinforces the Biblical covenant of marriage. Whether you’re engaged, a newlywed, or have been with your spouse for a number of years, married and engaged couples receive ministry through classes, counseling, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, social outings, and more. The main emphasis for this ministry is to build and maintain healthy marriages.
Meeting Date/Time: Every 2nd Saturday at 7 p.m.

Footprints Nursery
The Footprints Nursery nurtures children 4 years’ and younger during the Sunday morning Divine worship experience.
Meeting Dates/Times: Sunday’s at 9:45am

P.L.A.C.E. Class
The PLACE Class assist members in uncovering their spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, and using their life experiences to actively connect with God’s Kingdom while serving in ministry through Shiloh.
Meeting Dates/Times: Sunday’s at 8:45am

New Disciples/Baptism Training
To welcome new believers, provide information about the expectations of each member and encourage them to join a ministry that suits their spiritual gifts and passion.
Meeting Dates/Times: Sunday at 8:45am

S.A.L.T. - Shiloh Anointed Leadership Training
The SALT Training provides Biblical leadership and training from the Senior Pastor while promoting gathering and sharing strategy information for ministry lead servants.
Meeting Dates/Times: Monthly

S.I.T. - Stay In Touch
The Stay in Touch Ministry encourages support for new believers to grow in their faith, their knowledge of God, and fellowship with their new Church Family.
Meeting Dates/Times: